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 Lobbying Services Contracts

​​​Beginning on July 1, 2022, House Bill 3220 (to amend and reenact W. Va. Code § 6B-3-10) took effect requiring every state agency, municipality, county, and school district in the State that contracts for lobbying services to disclose the following information to the Ethics Commission:  (1) contract details; (2) a copy of the contract for lobbying services; (3) all costs to be paid or reimbursed, or already paid or reimbursed, for lobbying services; (4) the identities of any individuals or entities engaging in activities pursuant to the contract for lobbying services that​ may require the individual or entity to register as a lobbyist; and (5) on July 1, 2023, and on Jul​y 1 of ea​ch year, shall report to the Ethics Commission all information required by the provisions of W. Va. Code § 6B-3-10. ​

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