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 Property Exemptions

Following is a list of exemptions from the prohibitions regarding property which have been granted by the Ethics Commission since 2013. The exemptions may be viewed by clicking on the "PE" number.

PE 2018-01 Wood County Assessor David Nohe 
           Granted an exemption to sell four pieces of property in Wood County subject to the limitations set forth in the Exemption, including the requirement that within 30 days of the completion of a sale, he must provide written notification of the sale to the Executive Director of the Ethics Commission.
PE 2017-01 Jeff S. Sandy, Cabinet Secretary, Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety
          Jeff S. Sandy is granted permission to lease a vehicle to Perry & Associates in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement and subject to the limitations imposed by the Exemption. The Exemption also authorizes him to sell the vehicle to the lessee in accordance with the terms of the agreement.