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 Conciliation Agreements

​    The Ethics Act provides that the Ethics Commission and a person who is the subject of an Ethics Commission investigation or Complaint may settle a matter by entering into a Conciliation Agreement at any stage of an investigation or Complaint proceeding. 

     To view one of the following Conciliation Agreements, click on the Complaint number:


VCRB 2021-37​ Jan Dzierzak, Park Superintendent, Division of Natural Resources

VCRB 2021-01​ Michael Stover, Circuit Clerk, Wyoming County

VCRB 2020-18 Larry C. Palmer, former Sheriff, Brooke County


VCRB 2020-13 Debra Hagedorn, Board Member, Deckers Creek Public Service District

VCRB 2020-16 Greg Vandetta, Former Mayor, Town of Monongah

VCRB 2020-12 Don DeWitt, Chief of Police, City of McMechen

VCRB 2019-78, 80, 82, 84, and 86 Hardwick Johnson, Council Member, Town of Harpers Ferry

VCRB 2019-79, 81, 83, 85, and 87 Charlotte Thompson, Council Member, Town of Harpers Ferry

VCRB 2019-48 Louise Stoker, Mayor, Town of Bramwell

VCRB 2019-92 David Stratton, Chief of Police, Town of Matewan

VCRB 2018-62 Larry C. Palmer, Sheriff, Brooke County, West Virginia

VCRB 2019-76 Ronald Keith Anderson, Chief Deputy, Mineral County Sheriff's Office


VCRB 2019-15 Joseph V. Yurish, Teacher/Head Football Coach, Hedgesville High School

VCRB 2018-49 Mike Adams, Board Member, Preston County Public Service District #1

VCRB 2019-01 John D. Brown, Sergeant, Shepherd University Police Department

VCRB 2018-42 Jeff J. Neccuzi, former Director of the Division of Immunization Services, Office of Epidemiological and Prevention Services, Bureau for Public Health, Department of Health and Human Resources

VCRB 2017-084 and VCRB 2018-065 Sonya Dingess Porter, Sheriff of Logan County

VCRB 2018-03 Jeff D. Davis, Hancock County Commissioner  


F. Colt Sandoro, Executive Director, Regional Intergovernmental Council

CIC 2017-05 Marcella Charles-Casto, Assistant Principal, Mingo Central Comprehensive High School

VCRB 2017-005 Michelle Malone, Manager, River Road Public Service District

Dustin W. Zickefoose, Assessor, Upshur County, West Virginia

VCRB 2017-013 Joseph R. Thorpe, Former Mayor, Town of West Union

VCRB 2017-029 Arthur E. Kirkendoll, Former State Senator

VCRB 2017-049 Robert G. Beavers, Mayor of War, West Virginia

VCRB 2016-108 Tammy Porter, Former Member, West Union Town Council


VCRB 2016-015 Chris E. Jarrett, Executive Director, Water Development Authority

James E. Rubenstein, Commissioner of the Division of Corrections, and former Deputy Secretary, Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety


VCRB 2015-089 - Respondent Bernard L. Fazzini, Former Secretary of the Central West Virginia Transit Authority Board of Directors

VCRB 2015-090 - Respondent John P. Aman, Former General Manager of Central West Virginia Transit Authority

CIC 2013-01 - Respondent Danny Milam, Former Recorder, Town of Rainelle

VCRB 2015-122 - Respondent Harold D. Green, Former President, Board of Directors, Boone County Ambulance Authority

VCRB 2015-123  - Respondent Joseph S. Gollie, Former Vice President, Board of Directors, Boone County Ambulance Authority

VCRB 2015-109  Respondent Randall W. Lengyel, former Executive Director of the Boone County Ambulance Authority


VCRB 2014-006  Respondent John W. Hawkins, former Sheriff, Barbour County 

VCRB 2013-101 Respondent Dina B. Foster, General Manager of the Pea Ridge Public Service District

CIC 2012-001 Respondent Robin Capehart, President of West Liberty University

CIC 2014-004 Respondent Gregory T. Haynes, employee of the Union Public Service District

VCRB 2013-49 and VCRB 2013-53 Respondent Bill L. Pauley, Mayor, Town of Marmet

VCRB 2012-011 Respondent John K. Shingler, former Town Foreman, Town of Piedmont

CIC 2013-002 and CIC 2013-03 Respondent Bernie Fazzini, Harrison County Commissioner

VCRB 2012-015 Respondent Drema Bias-Evans, Assessor of Raleigh County

CIC 2014-006 Respondent Darrell Pauley, employee of the Union Public Service District

CIC 2014-002 Respondent William V. Ashley, employee of the Union Public Service District

VCRB 2011-008 Respondent Richard T. Linio, former Director of Facilities Management and Facilities Planning at West Virginia University Institute of Technology


CIC 2014-001 Respondent Earl R. Burks, an employee of the Union Public Service District

CIC 2009-006 and CIC 2010-004 Respondent Kim Wolfe, former Huntington Mayor and former Cabell County Sheriff


VCRB 2009-09 and VCRB 2011-04 Respondent Emmett S. Pugh, Mayor of Beckley

Grady Bowyer Former Executve Director, WV Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners

VCRB 2009-33 and CIC 2010-06 Respondent Jeffrey Hutchinson, Director, Kanawha County Parks and Recreation.


CIC 2011-03 and VCRB 2009-19
 Respondent Robert Daquilante, former Superintendent Ritchie County Schools
CIC 2010-02 Respondent James J. Hoffman, employee, City of Keyser

CIC 2008-02 Respondent Ken Merritt, former Sheriff of Wood County

VCRB 2011-45 and VCRB 2011-46 Respondent Thomas Taylor, Mayor of White Sulphur Springs

VCRB 2010-31 Respondent Deborah Hennen, Assessor of Wirt County

VCRB 2011-36 Respondent Mindy Kearns, Mayor, town of Mason


VCRB 2009-01 Respondent Martin Shaffer, council member, City of Clarksburg

VCRB 2010-15 Respondent Sherry Cain, former employee, Town of Harpers Ferry

CIC 2010-05 Respondent Brent Pauley, former county manager, Kanawha County


CIC 2010-01 Respondent Mary Jane Bowling, former employee, WV Department of Commerce, Workforce WV

CIC 2009-02 Respondent Richard D. Raspa, employee, Monongalia County Assessor’s Office

VCRB 2009-14 Respondent Charles Reider, member, Harrison County Board of Education


CIC 2008-01 Respondent Ann Neese, Former Mayor, Pratt

VCRB 2008-05 Respondent Henry Paul, Former Mayor, City of Gary

VCRB 2007-11 Respondent Andrew Cheuvront, Sheriff, Wirt County


VCRB 2006-10, VCRB 2006-13 and VCRB 2006-14 Respondent Gordon Lambert, Member, McDowell County Commission

CIC 2005-01 and VCRB 2005-16a Respondent William Charnock, Former Public Official


VCRB 2005-10A and VCRB 2005-10B Respondent Roy Dale Grimm, Council Member, Town of New Haven

VCRB 2005-13 Respondent Barbara Bannister, Mayor, Town of Rowlesburg