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  Ethics Commission Members

Robert J. Wolfe - Logan County  - Chairperson
Lynn Davis - Brooke County
Karen Disibbio - Mercer County
Robert D. Harman - Mineral County
Betty S. Ireland - Kanawha County
Suzan Singleton - Marshall County
Larry Tweel - Cabell County
  Terry Walker - Jefferson County
Monte Williams - Monongalia County


Commission Boards and Committees


Probable Cause Review Board 

James E. Shepherd, II, Chairperson
Dan Guida
Michael Kawash

Open Governmental Meetings Committee

Larry Tweel, Chairperson
Betty S. Ireland
Suzan Singleton
Robert D. Harman (alternate)
Monte Williams (alternate)

Administrative Law Judge Committee

Terry Walker, Chairperson
Robert D. Harman
Monte Williams
Karen Disibbio (alternate)
Suzan Singleton (alternate)


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