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 Financial Disclosure Statements

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Online filers: If you have forgotten your username or are unable to reset your password, call (304) 414-0265 for assistance Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 p.m.

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Who Must File

• All elected state and county officials, members of county boards of education and all county school board superintendents;
• Members of state boards, commissions and agencies who are appointed by the Governor, and
State Executive Branch Cabinet secretaries, commissioners, deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners, directors, deputy directors, and department heads, and
• Elected officials and candidates in Charleston, Fairmont and Morgantown municipal elections.

*A filer who has changed his or her address or who no longer serves in a position which is required to file a Financial Disclosure Statement should notify the Ethics Commission.

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Completed Financial Disclosure Statements for the following filers for the years 2014-2020 may be viewed using Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge by clicking here: 

• Members of the West Virginia Legislature;
• Elected members of the executive department (Governor, Treasurer, Auditor, Secretary of 
   State, Commissioner of Agriculture, Attorney General);
• Members of the Supreme Court of Appeals, and 
• Candidates for these positions.  

Failure to file

Any person who knowingly fails or refuses to file a required Financial Disclosure Statement is guilty of a misdemeanor pursuant to W. Va. Code § 6B-2-10(c).