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 Solicitation of Business

1998-20​  County Board of Education

A County Board of Education member may not sell home security systems to BOE employees, subject to statutory exceptions. 

2004-07 Law Enforcement Officials
Law enforcement officials in a professional association may engage in fundraising activities for charitable purposes while on duty and in uniform, but not for their own private gain.

2012-48 State Licensing Board 
  •  May not hire candidate for executive director when candidate rents from Board Member who is also subject to the Board’s regulation. 
  •  Although candidate received property exemp​tion to lease from Board Member, its terms require him and his subordinates to be removed from all matters affecting Board Member. 
  •  Impossible for candidate to comply with requirements of property exemption due to Board’s small staff, administrative structure, and business relationship between candidate and Board Member
2014-15 State Agency 
  • May sell advertising to defray the cost of wellness tools on its website to assist public employees to improve their health because it falls within the Ethics Act’s definition of usual and customary duties and the advancement of public policy goals or constituent services. 
  • Selling such advertising does not constitute prohibited endorsement of a vendor or product, and so the state agency must include a disclaimer with the advertisement making clear that the appearance of the advertising should not be construed as endorsement. 
  • Must allow equal access for advertising to all businesses or classes of businesses related to health and wellness.
2018-01 A County Commission
The sale of sponsorships for park benches is not a gift solicitation but a fund-raising activity based upon an exchange of value either commercial or personal.  Potential sponsors may not be coerced into buying a sponsorship and may not receive unlawful or political favoritism in return for purchasing a sponsorship. 

2019-14 A City Police Officer
A city police officer may not include pictures of himself in uniform in his campaign material because the police uniform conveys the endorsement of his police agency, which is the type of private gain the Ethics Act is intended to prohibit.

2020-08 A Chief Deputy Sheriff
A chief deputy sheriff may not include pictures of her badge in her campaign material​