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 Financial Disclosure

2004-15 Soil Conservation District Supervisors 

Soil Conservation District Supervisors need not file financial disclosure statements.  (Per a statutory change, soil conservation district supervisors (conservation district members) are now elected officials who must file.  W. Va. Code § 19–21A–6​).​​

2008-01 Candidate for Public Office 

  • Must disclose veteran’s disability benefits exceeding $1000 annually 
  • May describe as “federal benefits” or “veterans benefits” on form
2014-13 Division Director of a State Agency
  • Must comply with the requirements of W.Va. Code § 6B-2-6, as his current job title is among those specifically listed as a title which is mandated to file a Financial Disclosure Statement.
  • The statutory requirement is clear and concise, not open to interpretation, and the Ethics Commission does not have the authority to excuse the application of this statute.
2017-03 State Agency
The State Agency's directors and deputy directors are required to file Financial Disclosure Statements.

2017-06 Manager of a Legislative Office
The Manager and employees of a Legislative Office are not required to file Financial Disclosure Statements pursuant to W.Va. Code § 6B-2-6(a)(3) because that provision describe positions only in the executive branch of state government. AO overrules 90-36

2019-05 A State University Employee
An employee of a state university is not required by the Ethics Act to file a Financial Disclosure Statement. 

2022-13 State Board's Executive Director

A State Board's Executive Director and Board Members do not have to disclose on their financial disclosure statements that a foundation paid their attendance and travel expenses for a foundation training conference because the foundation does not have a direct and immediate interest in a governmental activity over which the State Board has control.​