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 Employment-Post-Employment Restrictions

2005-22 Former Public Official (g)

  • General counsel to Cabinet Secretary not barred from appearing before all agencies in department 
  • One-year ‘revolving door’ prohibition applies to positions held on or after July 1, 2005
2007-04 Assistant Attorney General (f ) ( g)
Must wait 1 year before representing clients before state agency where he served

2007-10 Former County Deputy Assessor  (f)
May operate consulting business relating to contesting property assessments where all property has been re-evaluated since person retired

2010-22 Retired State Employee  (g) 

  • May contract with his former agency within one year of his departure from the agency.
  • One year “cooling off” period prohibits elected and appointed public officials, full-time staff attorneys and accountants from appearing back before their former agencies.
  • Unit Leader not an appointed public official
  • An appointed public official’s position must be created by law  
2012-09 State Employee
​Not a public official subject to revolving door prohibitions
Ethics Act permits post retirement communication with former agency on general matters. Must seek advice from Commission before representing private interests regarding matters in which he was substantially involved.         

2016-02 Former Legislative Research Analyst
A former Legislative Research Analyst may register as a lobbyist after the termination of his employment without being subject to the one-year post-employment waiting period.​

2022-12Former Deputy Secretary of a State Department
A former Deputy Secretary of a state department is not prohibited from seeking employment in the private and public sectors under W. Va. Code § 6B-2-5(h), from registering as a lobbyist without waiting one year under § 6B-3-2(e), or from appearing before his former agency in a representative capacity under § 6B-2-5(g).  The former deputy secretary is subject to the limitations in § 6B-2-5(f), regarding matters in which he was substantially involved.