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 Double Dipping

1998-17 State Official

A State Official may not accept statutory per diem for serving as an ex officio member of a Commission that is part of his official duties for which ​he is already paid.

1999-27 Mayor and Recorder

A Mayor and Recorder may accept payment for serving on the sanitary board.

1999-30 County Commissioner

A County Commissioner may accept compensation for his unrelated full-time appointment to a state board.

2001-​36​ State Employee

A State Employee may accept compensation for jury duty.

2006-06 State Legislator
Pay from private employer permitted during Legislative session, if consistent with job duties

2008-05 County Parks & Recreation Commission
A golf pro employed at a public golf course may accept pay for private lessons if he clocks out before conducting the lesson.

2012-36 State Employee

  • May contract with State of West Virginia to compile official papers of former Governor.
  • Does not have control over contract.
  • Does not have access to confidential information related to contract award.
  • May not use public resources, including Requester’s own time and subordinate staff, to perform the duties of the contract.
2013-04  County Commission
  • Performing multiple job functions for same County Employer does not constitute illegal “double dipping.”
  • The source of funding for multiple jobs with same County Employer does not affect determination.
  • Ethics Act does not require separate time keeping for each job function. 
2013-42 County Employee
A County Geographic Information System Coordinator is not prohibited from contracting to perform similar work on behalf of municipality because he makes no regulatory or policy recommendations to either the county or municipality. Some limitations apply: Municipal work must be on his/her own time, using private resources; he/she may not use county staff for private work. 

2021-17A City

City employees, including part-time and seasonal employees, were prohibited from accepting tips from members of the public under W. Va. Code § 6B-2-5(c)(prohibited gifts), (m), and (h)(6​) (prohibited extra compensation) because members of the public were doing business with the city and the employees were being fully compensated by the City.  ​